Verizon FiOS: Enciéndete FiOS

Business Situation and Campaign Objectives


Due to the rampant growth of the Internet, two giant industries collided: telecom and cable. Telecommunication companies, who had invested heavily on data infrastructures, quickly realized that an Internet "only" offer (Internet and phone line) was leaving money on the table. They expanded to TV services. In turn, cable companies invaded telecom territory by offering Internet and phone services.

Their vicious fight created a marketplace packed with price and promotion offers. Consumers were confused and services were commoditized. In addition, five years after being launched (September 2005), Verizon FiOS, the company's fiber-optic TV, Internet and phone product, still lacked awareness and differentiation among the Hispanic community. Amid the price and promotion melee, the growing Hispanic segment was at a standstill; though Verizon had dedicated in-language communications, they had difficulty breaking through, securing qualified calls, and stopping rampant churn.