The Brave New World: Leveraging digital effectively

Bhomik Chandna and Priti Mehra
Millward Brown, Singapore



"Feng xiàng zhuàn biàn shí, you rén zhú qiáng, you rén zào feng che"

"When the direction of the wind changes, some (people) build walls, some (people) make windmills."

Change has always been every marketer's challenge to manage. In terms of media change and managing, it is extremely crucial. Ever since the advent of mass media the role of media has been integral for marketing communications. Over the last five decades of the previous century popular media like television, newspapers, magazines, radio and outdoor dominated the media space.

With the proliferation of the new media consumers are engaged with an ever evolving and fragmented media. Massive changes have taken place in the media landscape in the last five years or so. With all the technological advancements consumers, for instance in Africa, are leapfrogging to use mobile and skipping PC adoption completely. Globally PC sales are on a decline with more people adapting to new devices like tablets and smart phones.