Royal Mail: Iron Envelope

Proximity London


Category: Business and Consumer Services
Country where program ran: UK
Date program started/ended: 1st March 2010

Product Description: Royal Mail Tracked is a cost efficient delivery solution providing secure tracked delivery of non-urgent packets & parcels (within 2-3 days) for Royal Mail's business customers.

Advertiser/Client Name: Royal Mail
Media Channels: Direct Mail


Marketplace Challenge:

Royal Mail's most valuable customers don't think of them as an option for sending high volumes of heavy packets & parcels. Enhancements were made to Royal Mail Tracked in order to better serve high volume customers, increasing the weight limit from 5kg to 15kg for customers sending over 300,000 items per year. Large delivery contracts are worth in excess of £1M ($1.51M) each; therefore competitors closely guard these relationships. Also, due to the scale and size of these operations it is extremely difficult to persuade them to switch provider. It involves a sales cycle of approximately 12 months, and engaging very senior decision makers. Royal Mail is a known and trusted brand among this audience. However, the big challenge is that these companies didn't believe Royal Mail was a viable option for sending large volumes of heavy items - in their mind Royal Mail was best for lightweight packets & parcels (