Talk Talk: Door Drop Campaign


CLIENT • TalkTalk

THE TEAM • Andrew Bradbury, Michele Lockwood, Jon Prior, Carl Walsh, Deb Mitra, Diana Courtenay-Evans, Susie Shing, Sophie Williams.

Other contributors: The Leaflet Company – Door to door agency, Access Plus – Production.

WHAT IS WONDERFUL ABOUT THIS WORK? • Rigorous understanding of broadband services at exchange level, insatiable interrogation of the audience and a commitment to testing gave staggering results. Door drops now have the lowest CPA of any offline channel. Budgets and sales keep increasing, whilst CPA keeps decreasing.

OBJECTIVES • Drive calls and sales that we couldn't get cheaper from any other channel.

STRATEGY AND TARGETING • Research has helped us define a target audience for the TalkTalk brand: savvy value-seekers with high expectations for quality and price, unafraid to try something new if it means getting both. Because phone and broadband is at the heart of their home life they won't compromise on quality – but neither will they pay over the odds. We know that the most important thing is price, then being reassured about product quality and finally customer service.