Corporate advertising: A City view

Jocelyn Horsfall

Because corporate advertising is 'different', conventional advertising principles - and planning disciplines - are often neglected. Jocelyn Horsfall describes a recent BMP Business investigation into this area, and the composition of one of its main target groups - the City professionals. These recognise the role of corporate promotion as an information tool, but tend to find it unreliable and irrelevant. Responses to different types of corporate advertising and their perceived objectives are described, together with the characteristics typically leading to failure or success. The influence of different media environments is described. Practical guidelines for planning and developing more effective corporate advertising are suggested.

Corporate advertising is big business. According to MEAL, a total of 128 million was spent on TV and in the press last year, and the sector continues to grow. However, as a category it is difficult to pin down, encompassing as it does so many different roles and potential audiences - from the government through to a company's own employees. This effectively makes corporate advertising more of a challenge, for both advertiser and agency, in terms of setting a clearly defined strategy and executing it.