Building loyalty with gamification: Success stories from Clorox

Stephen Whiteside

Gamification is a strategy that can help brands reach consumers in an engaging way, both online and in bricks-and-mortar stores. It is also an approach that requires making several highly-complex decisions. "There's a lot to consider, and as a marketer it's a pretty confusing landscape," Sarah Ortman, senior group manager of national shopper marketing at Clorox, observed.

Speaking at the Shopper Marketing Expo, held in Chicago during October 2013, Ortman argued that anyone surveying the gamification scene is inevitably faced with a "logo soup" of possible partners and providers. "This is what we live and breathe in the digital, social and mobile world: lots of technologies, lots of vendors that criss-cross in this space," she said.

To structure its choices in this area, Clorox established a framework that draws on an analogy from the real estate sector. The first option is constructing a custom home; the second involves buying a residence which has already been built; and the third is temporarily renting a property. "Obviously, there are pros and cons embedded in each of these, the same thing as you think about [when] approaching that 'logo soup' of vendors and technologies," Ortman told the conference delegates.

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