Mexican Red Cross: Coin-op kiddie rides



Every year, thousands of Red Cross volunteers walk the streets of Mexico with their collection boxes to support the organization's annual fundraising drive.

Lately, large corporate donors have eclipsed the donating culture of Mexicans making people feel that their contribution is insignificant. This, and the deep economic 2009 crisis, were threatening to affect the success of this year's efforts. The objective was to prevent the difficult economic situation from affecting the fundraising drive. So we built coin-operated kiddie rides featuring Red Cross vehicles so that kids could play hero while their parents used the rides as collection boxes. The machines were placed at public places like parks, stores and malls across the nation. The importance of every single donation was now easy to see and feel. And it was also fun.

This year, we couldn't just do the same old-fashioned fundraising drive. We needed to regain the attention on the streets, to get the people involved, interested, inspired. With these machines, we reinvented the traditional ‘collection boxes’. Kids and their parents could give coins and instantly see the effect of their donation: the ambulance, the helicopter and the boat moved just as the Red Cross moves.