Using Multimedia Interviewing To Achieve Better/Faster/Cheaper Research Solutions

Neil H. Firtle
Product Intelligence Inc.

Both management and consumers have imposed greater demands on the marketing research industry. Clients demand solutions which have ever-increasing cost and time efficiency, and informational value. Survey participants are increasingly less cooperative. The applications of multimedia interviewing presented (concept optimization, concept screening, category management) demonstrate how we can address the changing needs of both constituencies.


With an increased focus on the bottom-line, companies have cut marketing research staff and budgets in order to meet rigorous profit goals. Current marketing research department staffs no longer have time to develop studies by analyzing the problem fully and 'customizing' designs to solve these marketing research situations. Instead, clients are gravitating toward systematic solutions which minimize cost and timing resources, and maximize informational value. Concurrently, survey cooperation rates are declining and respondents need a reason to participate.