Brand consistency: Get ahead, get in-store

Jeff Swearingen

Building a competitive advantage starts in the store, but you need to sync brand marketing with customer activity and build a symbiotic relationship with retailers

I have two boys, ages eight and six. It would be easier to balance the Federal Budget than to get them to brush their teeth for longer than six seconds. One brand understood that. The message for its line of electric toothbrushes was: 'Your kids will brush 30% longer, starting tonight.' It cut through thousands of messages in a typical shopping trip to create immediate relevance for me. This is the brilliance of shopper marketing: relevancy at the point of purchase.

For anyone on, or even beginning, the shopper marketing journey, it's the magic of this moment that makes it all worthwhile. But before you march into your CMO's office and advise an overhaul of the organisation to support shopper marketing, you should reach out to your peers who have actually done it to understand what they experienced while trying to launch this competency. At Frito-Lay, we have been dedicated to this space for just over five years and, in that time, we've seen first-hand the benefits of investing behind shopper marketing and the many challenges that come with it. So why get behind it?