Dancing with inspiration: a multi-disciplinary approach to get closer to consumers

Elisabeth Vorwerk
Market Research Brands, Face Care/Cosmetics, Beiersdorf AG International Market Research, Germany

Natascha Haehling von Lanzenauer and Claudia Antoni
H, T, P, Concept, Germany


Contemporary consumer culture is a post-modern playground. People are becoming increasingly experiential, active and demanding. The 'classic' research approach to identify motivations and needs (and then to tailor propositions around this) is nonetheless relevant, but we believe that it takes a very creative, integrated and flexible array of methods to meet this challenge. We do not only want to find out why and how people feel attracted and involved, but also to identify the 'right tunes' that inspire a shared moment – a dance – between consumer and product. This dance is in the flow and such are the roles of the persons involved, as consumers can be even dance masters or co-choreographers in research and product development. In any case, the brand challenge is being attractive enough to be noticed at all on the dance floor and then to invite, inspire and at best create a dynamic relationship where brand and consumer are becoming dance partners.