Grand Prix Research: The symbiotic relationship between the future winning automotive brand and their ideal research partner

Patricio Pagani
Infotools, New Zealand
Richard Brookes
The University of Auckland, New Zealand

Practice laps - examining the 'racetrack' conditions of our grand prix: Looking at the challenges of the automotive industry

The global automotive industry faces a growing set of increasingly complex, and converging, challenges. In some respects the future of the industry is not necessarily in their own hands. We will start our paper by examining that racetrack.

At the 2013 Automotive News World Congress, IBM said that "their experience from decades of working with auto manufacturers shows that those who are able to quickly transform to an innovative, customer-centric approach are those best positioned to succeed." Some companies may now be more successful than others in adopting this so-called "innovative customer-centric approach". In a major automotive industry study, KPMG (2012) singled out VW, BMW and Hyundai as well-positioned to weather the current situation. We examine Hyundai in particular, for in this new mobile landscape it may represent the importance of what Shim and Steer (2012) term 'asymmetric' leadership, and what Reeves and Deimler (2011) call 'second-generation' organisational competencies, where the ability to learn 'new ways of doing' is crucial. We consider the implications for automobile firms and their globally integrated, locally-attuned, and technology-savvy research partners.