Leadership: the men and women who shape our industry

Simon Chadwick
Cambiar, United States


What is it that defines a successful leader in the research industry?

In this paper, based on a series of podcasts with leaders past and present, we examine what it is that is generally defined as marking out a leader and how (if at all) the leaders that have shaped our industry conform to that definition.

Using taxonomies developed by a variety of academics (and especially that developed by Pitcher), we conclude that leaders of the research industry conform to two categories of leadership – artists and craftsmen. These are the most creative of the three types of leader in the taxonomy and speak of an industry based in entrepreneurialism, creativity and a singular focus on people and talent.

Beyond that, we also conclude that leaders in the research industry are also marked out by their humility (for the most part!), their desire to leave a positive legacy for the next generation, their generosity and their need to make a difference.