Remember a Charity – Pennies from heaven

Principal Authors: Richard Hill - Touch DDB; Simon Ringshall – Touch DDB; Alex Vass – Matrix DDB

Contributing Authors: Les Binet and Sarah Carter – DDB UK


The authors of the campaign were given a huge responsibility; how to spend a legacy left to the charity by an old lady to create a marketing campaign to help others leave charitable legacies of their own. Remember a Charity, a consortium established to encourage legacy giving to charity, set out to make leaving charity legacies in wills socially accepted in the UK. Receiving an unexpected legacy of their own enabled them, for the first time, to develop a more ambitious strategy and communications campaign. By using humour through broadcast media and PR to engage the public with this topic, they created the beginnings of a new social norm around who we choose to remember in our wills. They staged the first ever ‘Legacy awareness week’ and organised activities for 150 member charities to get involved in. The charity has estimated the campaign paid for itself 206 times over, generating a net payback for charities of £205m. This paper uses an interesting Monte Carlo analysis to demonstrate a range of different potential effectiveness outcomes, even the weakest of which more than demonstrates a profitable return. The paper tells a lovely story about how one lady's gift can make a huge difference when spent properly.