Foxtel – Gossip Girl: The Chosen


The Chosen is a revolutionary approach to marketing television shows in Australia. The Chosen was successful in achieving the sole objective of any channel marketing team – huge, target smashing audience viewing figures for the debut episode of a new show, Gossip Girl. It did this by taking its consumers on a journey to discover the show as an 'insider', delivering them true value and social currency. This is central to the very concept of marketing 1.0 and the essential ingredients in firing up word of mouth!

Ripple; a proprietary tool built to harness the power of peer to peer communications by pin-pointing and engaging a panel of influencers in a given passion area, created an army of dedicated fans for a show with no latent awareness and took it to the number one spot, making it the highest rating show ever to have debuted on Fox8 in its 12 year history.