Shell: Deli2Go

Agency: Blue Marlin

Client: Shell
Category: Brand Identity, Design and implementation costs over £100,000

Executive summary

Establishing a successful food and drink brand in the teeth of recession in a depressed sector with a poor reputation sounds like a series of insurmountable hurdles. The unmitigated success of Deli2go demonstrates that it can be done - even in forecourt food.

2010 was an annus horribilis for forecourt food, thanks to a combination of recession and rising fuel prices. Even when the economy is booming, forecourt food is more of a distress purchase, to satisfy an immediate need, than a positive choice. Shop-bought sandwiches are on of the first casualties of recession. But not for Shell. Business boomed.

Deli2go, the dynamic new branding for Shell's own label food and drink offer, created from scratch by Blue Marlin and launched in January 2010, represents a remarkable achievement. While competitors experienced an average 12 per cent drop in sales, Shell saw food and drink sales soar by over 12 per cent in the first six months of launch, adding some 300,000 extra meals sold.