Nike Bauer Hockey – Why We Play

Category: Leisure Products & Services
Brand/Client: Nike Bauer Hockey
Primary Agency: OLSON


At the beginning of its 2007–08 campaign year, Nike Bauer Hockey faced off against some formidable business challenges:

  • A shrinking and expensive category. In recent years, the growth of hockey participation in the U.S. has declined due to multiple factors, including the extreme costs of playing the game and scarcity of available ice time. Also, hockey as a spectator sport has continued a decade-long decline in popularity, making it even tougher to attract new players to the market.

    With Americans moving in droves to warmer climates, it's seems less likely that parents are going to search out ice skating rinks for their kids than enroll them in the local soccer league.” (Source: Mintel/NSGA, 2008)