10 truths about advertising

India Wooldridge
McCann Truth Central

Advertising has an image problem and is failing to attract new talent. The industry must believe in itself before it can change perceptions.

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The advertising industry has been rapidly changing in recent years. However, this dynamic and enhanced creative environment has not been echoed in the public's perception of the industry. Indeed, advertising is viewed through a somewhat dated lens, an image only further entrenched with the popularity of TV series Mad Men. Recent research from McCann Truth Central, 'The Truth about Advertising' set out to discover what people really think of advertising and the industry as a whole. The study compared consumer responses with those of the industry; in addition to a 1,000-strong nationally representative consumer survey, an industry survey was answered by almost 500 advertising executives of varying levels and roles. Finally, the study aimed to find the levers that can help elevate perceptions of the industry and thereby attract the very best talent. It is within this framework that these 10 key truths emerged.