Building the Corporate Brand

Beyond Individual Loyalties

Oliver Loch
UBS, Switzerland.

Patricia Kidd
Marketing Communications Research, HarrisInteractive, United States.


Financial services firms serving the needs of very high asset investors (those with $500,000 or more in investable assets, excluding real estate and 401k) face an unusual challenge. The sheer volume of assets being invested creates an extremely strong reliance on the financial advisor. High asset investors view their relationship with their trusted advisor as primary, and the financial services firm itself is relegated to a secondary role.

This creates in interesting branding situation. It's not advisable to brand financial advisors. The best advisors are like major league football players – their loyalty is typically limited and they might move to the firm that promises them better financial rewards. However, in order to create the types of associations necessary to have a clearly defined brand image, it is important to define the relevance of the firm in a clear and credible way.