LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc.: Learn Something New Every Day! campaign

Kevin Teague


Frustrated by the lack of educational toys, in 1995 Mike Wood, a California attorney, rewired a talking greeting card to help his son differentiate between phonetic sounds. Soon afterward Wood founded LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc., to fill what he considered a void in the $34 billion toy industry, which was dominated by the companies Mattel and Hasbro. While competitors focused on movie-licensed toys or one-hit products such as Beanie Babies, LeapFrog concentrated on high-quality educational toys. By 2001 LeapFrog had developed more than 100 products and recorded $222 million in sales. To codify its brand as the leading educational toymaker, LeapFrog released its "Learn Something New Every Day!" campaign.

In 2002 LeapFrog provided an advertising budget of $20 million to Ackerman McQueen, Inc., an agency that had handled LeapFrog's marketing since 1995. Released in 2002, "Learn Something New Every Day!" distinctly targeted mothers, along with gift-giving neighbors and grandparents. The strategy differed from those of other toy manufacturers, which targeted children. The campaign's television spots featured children learning different disciplines, including Spanish, reading, and phonics. All spots ended with the tagline "Learn Something New Every Day" below a green LeapFrog logo. In addition to television spots, the campaign's media included print, direct mail, point of purchase, and online advertisements as well as public relations.