Blue Marlin Brand Design

Category: Packaging (Branding- Other)

Executive summary

Nestlé Purina PetLife was developed to evolve the Australian Pet Specialty category from a functional and uninspiring collection of products, which were difficult to navigate, into a go-to destination for pet professionals and average pet owners alike.

The challenge was significant: following its acquisition of The KraMar Pet Company in 2010, Nestlé Purina hired Blue Marlin to create a brand in this under-leveraged, disengaging category that would remind consumers of the value of pet speciality products, such as grooming, tethering and bedding.

To do so, Blue Marlin took insights from human personal care products. We developed a compelling brand image for PetLife, based around the belief that, if a consumer is going to spend above-the-breadline money on their pet, they expect the same level of quality for their pet as they would for themselves.