A framework for designing new products and services

Rubén Huertas-García

Barcelona University

Carolina Consolación-Segura

Technical University of Catalonia


A company designs its products and services to distinguish them from competitors’ offerings as well as to conform to changing customer tastes and to meet legal requirements. Teams of people from diverse backgrounds (such as marketing, operations, consumer groups and supplier goods) are brought together to design new services. Marriott, for example, successfully used the project team approach to design its line of economy hotels (Murdick et al. 1990). Studies in the management of technology suggest that cooperation and communication among marketing, manufacturing, engineering and R&D leads to greater new product success and higher product profitability (Griffin & Hauser 1992). This is because specialists in each of these fields provide knowledge about the dimensions of attributes that configure a product: engineers have knowledge about usability, designers about style and marketing professionals about symbolism (Rafaelli & Vilnai-Yavez 2004).