Keep Britain Tidy: Achieving a fast reduction in fast food litter


Keep Britain Tidy's campaign played on young men's desire to appear desirable by equating dropping litter with looking like a pig.


  • Keep Britain Tidy found that the main litter offenders, young men of 18-24, were nevertheless keen to not be seen as dirty or unhygienic.

  • The campaign likened them to pigs to show them how others see them when they litter.

  • The campaign also enabled the charity to discuss with fast food companies their making a long-term reduction in food litter.


Keep Britain Tidy is an environmental charity and the anti-litter campaign for England. Research in 2007 revealed that fast food litter is one of England's biggest litter problems, with 24% of streets strewn with fast food. The Keep Britain Tidy litter segmentation report highlighted two important issues: that 18-24 year old males were the most likely group to drop litter and that issues of desirability were very important to this group.