Sports marketing: unleashing the passion

Austin Lally
Procter & Gamble

While I was preparing this lecture, something amazing happened. A man boarded a capsule hanging underneath a helium-filled balloon and flew up into the stratosphere, 24 miles high. He then stepped out, saluted, and jumped. Free fall. Eight million people watched on YouTube. For a while, half of the world's Twitter posts were about this jump. The world's media watched and reported. NASA congratulated him. And through it all the logo of a certain Austrian beverage company can be clearly seen.

This is a remarkable example of how passion and a sports event can capture the imagination of the planet, with Red Bull delivering its fantastic message through one landmark event. It is a brand for people with courage, who dare to dream, who seek out and revel in extreme situations. The old dream of flying, like Icarus, brought to the world like never before.