American Industry Overview: Perfumes, Cosmetics and Other Toiletries

This category includes establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing perfumes, cosmetics and other toiletries. Manufacturers of shampoos, shaving products, personal deodorants, hair preparations, suntan lotions and oils, talcum powders, toothpastes and powders, mouthwashes, and premoistened towelettes are included.

Industry Snapshot

The value of shipments in the U.S. toiletries industry reached $47.27 billion in 2008, with employment of about 79,000. While many companies in this industry were large, multibillion-dollar operations with a variety of divisions, the majority were smaller operations. Unlike other industries, companies in the cosmetics and toiletries (C&T) industry compete by brand. Since the typical cosmetic product stays on shelves for just four years at most, this creates a unique situation of continual renewal, revival, and innovation. To meet the expectations of consumers, the cosmetics and toiletries industry must remain in sync with rapidly changing fashion trends and preferences.