“Infiniti: Infiniti in Black”

Category: African American
Lead Agency: The True Agency
Contributing Agencies: TDP and Sapient
Client: Infiniti


Infiniti launched in the U.S. over 15 years ago with a campaign often referred to as “Rocks & Trees.” The campaign became famous for showing fog and trees and no vehicle – and from that time forward the image of Infiniti had been equally unclear. During those 15 years Infiniti made strides to define the brand – but there was never any effort to reach the African American market. During that same time African Americans (AA) increased their educational levels, professional attainment, purchasing power and a large number were becoming luxury consumers. The luxury automotive segment became increasingly competitive – expanding beyond the traditional luxury brands of Cadillac and Mercedes to include Lexus, Acura and Audi. Infiniti, was a “new” luxury brand, not considered top tier, and without the cache and history of Cadillac and Lincoln.