DuPont: The Horizons Project

OgilvyEntertainment New York

Advertiser: DuPont
Brand: DuPont
Country: USA


In short, our task was to transform the image of a Fortune 100 science company from a chemicals company to an innovative science powerhouse.

DuPont has a 210 year history of scientific discovery (Nylon®, Teflon®, Kevlar®, Nomex®). Despite DuPont's collaborative approach to science, industry decision makers understood little of DuPont's capabilities outside of their own silos. Put simply, brand perception was weak relative to competition. In fact, a thorough research platform implemented by BBC in conjunction with GMI revealed that DuPont lagged in reputation, with target audiences labeling competition higher in awareness, familiarity and consideration.

Based on this challenge, we broke down our objectives as follows:

  • Increase awareness of DuPont as a science company
  • Shift perceptions so that audiences associate DuPont with innovation and collaboration
  • Increase consideration of DuPont among its competitive set
  • By achieving a favorable selling environment through lifts in company awareness, increase DuPont sales leads, improving the company's standing vis-à-vis their competitive set.