IKEA Billy Closet: IKEA Billygram

Ogilvy Frankfurt



IKEA is celebrating 30 years of its favourite closet: BILLY. And that‘s a hell of a long time for a piece of furniture. Therefore we developed an online activity to get IKEA customers involved and interested in BILLY. How to reach as many fans as possible in a short period of time?


Content changes - BILLY stays the same. For 30 years. And because that will also be the case in the future, we developed something special: a Facebook App called BILLYGRAM. Users were able to post animated messages written with BILLY storage racks on each other‘s walls by rearranging content - books and objects - within the racks to create letters, punctuation marks and numbers. They created messages out of racks and saw how BILLY transmitted them.


The main objective of the campaign was to develop an online campaign that reached at least 5.000 people in a period of two weeks - without spending a single cent on media1. We exceeded the expectations of the client massively: After only one week of activity 20.837 BILLYGRAMS had been posted on Facebook2.