Glad: Stronger stand against waste

DDB San Francisco, Clorox Digital Labs, Current, Effect Partners, Evolution Bureau

In the United States we have gone from a culture of conspicuous consumption to one that increasingly values resourcefulness. We have learned to hate waste, whether it's money, time, or trash. In our qualitative discussions, we discovered that virtually every consumer we spoke with was trying to make smart choices that created less waste in their lives.

Glad's product improvement was taking the lead by developing bags that would waste less (6.5% less plastic) while being even stronger than before. And while we knew our new product could help lead to a better tomorrow, consumers couldn't quite wrap their minds around what 6.5% less plastic actually means for the environment. But we wanted to do more than just tell consumers about our new trash bags; we wanted to encourage them to adopt changes that help them waste less. And while we learned that many consumers desire to do more for the environment, they're at a loss for where to start. As a market leader, we wanted to play an active role in providing information, education, and access to waste less programs across the country. So, we decided to give consumers an easy way to start. And we wanted to take the category from one of disengagement to engagement.