Adobe: Museum of Digital Media

Goodby Silverstein and Partners


Creative professionals across the globe use Adobe's products every day. From building websites to editing feature films, from developing product design to touching up photographs, the act of creation – on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles – is almost always enabled by Adobe products.

And yet, Adobe's role and value in digital creation is often invisible – like oxygen, Adobe is essential to the atmosphere (a digital one, in this case) but remains unseen and unsung.

Creativity – the human capacity for wonder, discovery, emulation and aspiration – drives engagement and business. Creativity produces innovation, differentiation and dollars; it should be nurtured and celebrated. We needed to find a way to do that.


Adobe's software has been the creative and design backbone of the Internet. For the last 20 years, its arsenal of tools has literally enabled the creation of our digital world.