How in-store shopper behaviour influences brand choice

Jordi Connor

In the branding and advertising world, we like to think that practically everything we do is measurable. We run TV and radio ads and measure the response – changes in consumer opinion, perhaps, or an uplift in sales. We measure redemption if we run a coupon campaign and responses to a direct mail pack or door drop. We know how our target demographic feels about our products through focus groups and market research, and we know what sets brands apart from their competitors.

But there's a crucial stage missing – the actual moment of purchase. It's often said that what you don't know can't hurt you, but when it comes to shoppers making decisions in-store, the opposite is true.

At some point, a shopper will have picked up any given brand, handled the packaging and perhaps read the information on the back. And then, for some unknown and possibly very small reason, they will have put it back on the shelf and picked up a competitor instead.