Online marketing in India: Insights from TFM&A India 2013

Preeti Chaturvedi

"Online marketing is a business-distribution model," Varun Sharma, industry head, ecommerce, Google India, told the audience at the TFM&A conference, held in Delhi in mid-2013. And while television still perhaps plays the key role in building credibility in the country, the web is increasingly important for brands, especially if they wish to reach the growing number of young, affluent internet users.

Ian Dodson, co-founder and global president of the Digital Marketing Institute at NIIT, the training organization, expanded on this idea, suggesting that media habits were changing fast. "We have to understand the consumer's evolution. Brands are embracing digital, and whoever owns the consumer, wins," he said. "In India, we have to rethink the relationship with the customer due to changes in power, regulation, connectivity, pricing [and] applications."