Cross Media Optimization

Measuring Sales and Branding Across Media (Including Online)

Rex Briggs
Marketing Evolution, United States


We have sought the Holy Grail of marketing, and we grasp the challis in our hands.

Well, maybe that is over claiming a bit. But many people have used the term “Holy Grail” in marketing to reference a comprehensive and accurate measurement of advertising's affect on branding and sales. Procter & Gamble Marketing Chief Jim Stengel talks about the quest for measurement to understand the impact of advertising on purchase intent and sales (4As Keynote, 2004). Author Ken Varga used the term Holy Grail to describe measuring marketing's impact of profitable sales in his book How to Get Customers to Call, Buy and Beg for More. Sarah Fay head of Carat Interactive defined measuring Online advertising's impact on sales as the Holy Grail (iMedia 2003). Stephen Kim of MSN Research looked at the measurement system that we describe in this paper and explained, “This is the Holy Grail in measurement. It's a complete 360 degree measurement of branding and sales across all major marketing elements, including Online advertising.”