JetBlue Getaways: Get Away With It (Travel/Tourism/Destination)

Category: Travel/Tourism/Destination
Brand/Client: JetBlue / JetBlue Airways
Lead Agency: Mullen
Contributing Agencies: Unit 9, Suite Spot LLC

State of the brand's business

In 2011, JetBlue relaunched (from a marketing perspective) JetBlue Getaways. A vacation package product that allowed people to book flights, hotels, wheels and more, and save big. Why not, right? As a trusted name in air travel, it made sense to expand into the full vacation experience.

The only problem was the package vacation category was a whole new ballgame. In addition to other airlines, the category was crowded by brands like Expedia, Travelocity and Priceline. Big brands with big TV budgets and lots of market awareness. Big brands that already had long lists of people that had opted-in to hear from them. Big brands that focused on rational benefits making the category solely transactional.