CNN International: CNN Ecosphere Project

Client: Turner Broadcasting Systems Deutschland
Brand: CNN International
Agency: HEIMAT, Berlin
Category: Small Budget
Country: Germany

In November 2011, the 17th annual World Climate Conference (COP17) took place in Durban, South Africa. As an international news organisation, CNN was covering this event extensively from which the show "The Road to Durban" was created. Initially, to promote this show and the coverage of COP17, a print campaign was planned, but since the budget was very tight, it had to be used as efficiently as possible. The essential question was: who is the main target group for this coverage and how could they be activated in the best possible way?


  1. CNN International wanted to drive interest in their coverage of the COP17 on climate change and thus encourage people to inform themselves on this very sensitive and important subject of global impact.
  2. CNN International wanted to position itself as a credible brand among a younger, eco-conscious target group and appear as the right advertising partner for companies and organisations that want to bring their environmental awareness or eco-centric marketing campaigns to an international audience.
  3. CNN International wanted to maximise the effect of their rather slim media budget (cost per contact). In order to do so the initial strategy was to concentrate on one of their international core markets.

Target market

  1. Male/Female 20-40 years old
    1. Well educated
    2. Digital native
    3. Working in: media, culture, architecture, engineering
    4. First mover to early adapter
    5. Interested in sustainability/ecology/ being green