Appealing to Hispanic boxing fans via SMS campaigns: IAB Mobile Marketing

Geoffrey Precourt, Warc

Fifty years ago, Friday nights were fight nights - a time when American families (well, at least fathers and sons) would gather around the television for the Gillette Cavalcade of Sports, a telecast live from Madison Square Garden.

The great names of the sweet science - the Rockys (Marciano and Graziano), Archie Moore, Sugar Ray Robinson, Willie Pep - brought boxing into American homes. Meanwhile, Gillette branded itself as a tough guy's razor with a generation of boomer boys who were raised "to look sharp, to feel sharp" even before they had their first notions of shaving.

Today, Gillette's double-edged blades have given way to a completely different kind of product - the latest a lubricated, five-bladed razor attached to a vibrating stick. And the fight-promotion business has changed every bit as much as Gillette's product line.