The consistent brand experience

Liz Bigham
Jack Morton Worldwide, New York

There are myriad touchpoints for consumers to engage with your brand. it is essential that these experiences deliver a consistent brand perception.

Depending on whom one consults, this is either a profoundly exciting or a deeply terrifying time to be in marketing. The deeply terrified marketers look at the proliferation of new media channels and user-generated content and see a frightening loss of control.

'Oh no,' the thinking goes, 'now consumers can choose when and where they want to engage with my brand. They can choose to ignore my marketing altogether. They can use social media as a megaphone and talk about my brand in ways I don't like.'

On the other side are those of us who are more sanguine about the state of brand marketing, because we believe perpetual innovation means new ways to engage and to gain an edge. And those of us who work in the brand experience space would go even further, and say to our terrified colleagues: "Not only should you not be afraid of these 'new' conditions, you should know that they're not actually new at all – experiential marketers have always dealt with them."