Edinburgh Charities: ihave.org.uk – It's hand raising, not fundraising


CLIENT • Edinburgh Charities

THE TEAM • Dave Mullen, Ailsa Jones, Sheryl Newsome, Olivia Donaldson, Charlie Gordon, Graham Robb, Felicity Bradley, Manos Riglis, Mike Donoghue, Laetitia Drexler.

WHAT IS WONDERFULABOUT THIS WORK? • 2009 was a tough year for everyone, especially charities. Instead of the usual Christmas card we produced something really useful -a website full of charities’ wish lists, ihave.org.uk pulled in over 120 wanted items for small, often overlooked local charities, including a ukulele, laptops, pet food, a cooker, duvets, security lights and hundreds of old bras for Africa.

OBJECTIVES • Persuade people to donate useful tangible items and services that charities need.

STRATEGY AND TARGETING • We asked everyone in the agency to create an email list from their contacts including clients, suppliers, friends and Facebook accounts. The campaign was seeded by email and passed on. Although ostensibly an email and web campaign, we also built a Christmas tree from boxes in a local shopping mall complete with ‘takeones', emphasising the strategy of supporting local city charities. We created the ihave website (ihave.org.uk) and asked 25 deserving charities what resources they could really do with in 2010 but might struggle to find.