Syfy: The White Rabbit Experience

Category: Media Idea
Brand/Client: Syfy
Primary Agency: Fallon
Contributing Agencies: Ignited, Klip Collective, Target Marketing


It was 2009—a big year for Syfy, our cable network client.

Earlier in the year, Syfy had undergone a new network rebrand, and as 2009 was drawing to a close, the cable landscape was as competitive as ever. Syfy wanted to solidify its spot in the top 10. Because only a few thousand viewers often decide year-end cable network rankings, it was important for Syfy to have one more ratings success before the end of the year. Their goal was that this success would come from the year-end miniseries Alice—Syfy's modern-day reimagining of the Lewis Carroll classic Alice in Wonderland.

Beyond a ratings boost for the network, Syfy's new tagline, Imagine Greater, also begged for an imaginative and innovative marketing campaign for Alice.