Radio 1 – Radio, remixed by you

Planned by: Tim Millar
Agency: Agency Republic


In 2005 Radio 1 had never advertised online before. But it was patently clear that it was the web that presented its biggest threat. As digital downloads and social networking were taking hold, Radio 1 found it increasingly hard to attract new 15–24-year-old listeners. This paper tells the story of how a deeper understanding of what lay behind these changing media habits helped Radio 1 go beyond a traditional advertising approach and recast its role in the lives of music lovers online. It explains how creative, media and behavioural insights combined with technical inventiveness to reintroduce a lost generation to Radio 1.


It's summer 2005. Rupert Murdoch has just bought MySpace for £332m.1 DAB radio is heralding the arrival of hundreds of niche stations2 and The Arctic Monkeys are busy touring the country and setting the blogs alight ahead of their October release of I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor.3