Data integration: Maximise media ROI

Henry Eccles
Google EMEA

Spanish retailer PC City's data analytics showed that 10% of sales came from online research but purchased in-store, prompting a media review that gained a 6% sales uplift for the same spend

How to optimally allocate investments across media channels is the main goal of all business and is becoming increasingly complex. Traditionally, defining an optimal marketing mix has centred around a marketeers' knowledge and experience in their field, reinforced with analytics focused on the linear economics between ‘paid’ media and business success. In today's digital and data-rich world however, it's increasingly possible to make decisions that are far more effective and accountable.

PC City, part of the DSGi group in Spain, was keen to do exactly this. They had a solid understanding of the performance and profitability of their store operation, but only a limited feel for how their various marketing levers, such as their website, pricing strategy, ad spend, store distribution etc impacted on sales performance.