Project Prism: Crafting a clear vision for lenses

Cate Hunt, Marcus Alfonsetti and Steve Rowe
Added Value


Our client, LensCrafters are a dominant player in a mature category with heavy innovation that has become so technical that consumers are unable to identify with it.

LensCrafters were looking for a new opportunity to be genuinely innovative by challenging category conventions and redefining the role of lenses in consumer's lives. Cultural Insight was a new approach for the client, but allowed us to step back and understand the broader role and emerging uses of vision to redefine the category.

Purist cultural thinking developed content that truly began to shift our client's thinking. We showed that not just their brand, but the category as a whole was limited to the physiological conception of vision. And that there was a huge opportunity for them to begin to reflect the mental and technological roles that vision has.