Heineken: Stadium Of Dreams

The Leo Burnett Group Thailand


Heineken wanted to promote its sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League 2009 by launching a special Heineken UEFA can, engraved with the final score of the UEFA Champions League 2009 final, as part of the design.

We decided to let our consumers take part in the engraving process themselves. So, instead of selling the can after the match ends like other ordinary sponsorship products, we started the sale a few months earlier. We did this by introducing “Stadium of Dreams”: a gigantic live football stadium made of Heineken special edition cans. But only these cans would be without the score printed on the back to let consumers witness their dream score by themselves.

We then started our recruitment through a series of press ads, web banners and TV tie-ins to gather consumers to our micro site - www.thestadiumofdreams.com - where we let them put down their Heineken cans on any spots they desired. Eventually, the cans placed on the website were later installed at the exact same location on the real Stadium of Dreams in the center of Bangkok.