RIFT: Creating credibility for a new video game against a dominant market leader

Category: Entertainment/Sporting Events
Brand/Client: RIFT / Trion Worlds Inc
Contributing Agencies: Ignited

Strategic challenge

The Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) category is dominated by one global brand - World of Warcraft, (WoW) a product of Activision Blizzard. WoW completely changed the MMORPG landscape when it launched in 2004. Within a year it attracted 5 million players globally and doubled the market size. It continued to grow its player base with regular updates and by 2008 achieved 10 million worldwide players. At that time WoW's market share was 62.5% and no other competing game had a market share above 8% (source:mmogchart.com). In October 2010 Activision Blizzard proudly announced that its player base had reached 12 million players ahead of the much anticipated launch of a new expansion pack for WoW called Cataclysm, expected to boost player numbers even further.