Fast moving consumer and OTC products: zoom on marketing effectiveness

Erk Maassen
Pharmaceutical Practice EMEA, BASES The Nielsen Company, Germany

Robert Buckeldee
OTC/Pharma Services, Europe; The Nielsen Company, United Kingdom

Clémentine Fischer
Product Management EMEA, BASES The Nielsen Company, France


Different Strokes for Different Folks on the Road to OTC Marketing Effectiveness: Consumers shop for OTC products differently to how they buy their groceries. Advertising effectiveness, the relevance of shelf-based awareness, consumer 'buzz' and the role of the professional as a key influencer all present new challenges to the marketer. So what are the implications of these differences when it comes to marketing effectiveness?

The paper addresses this question. Several insights in marketing effectiveness, shared in this paper, are based on our experience in assessing, forecasting and optimizing new product launches. So, in the first section, we start with innovation from a general perspective: how can innovation help companies grow? The second section focuses on the most important differences between consumer behavior to better understand the consumer context within which FMCG and OTC marketing must deliver. The third section of the paper will then focus on effectiveness of OTC and FMCG marketing.