LG Mobile: Before you text, give it a ponder.

Category: GoodWorks Brands
Brand/Client: LG Mobile
Primary Agency: Young and Rubicam/VML
Contributing Agencies: TRU, Mindshare, Smith & Jones


Mobile textual harassment is no joke.

For teens, texting is like talking; it's intertwined with the way they communicate and socialize. Client custom research (July 2009) revealed that what adults and the media think of as "mobile bullying" is a behavior so ingrained in everyday teenage life that it is seen as a normal and expected part of communicating. But mobile textual harassment is in truth an enormous problem affecting millions of tweens and teens. 41%1 admit they have sent, received or forwarded a text with rumors about someone that were untrue. 4 million2 say they've received a threatening text, while more than 10 million3 teens also report having sent a "SEXT" message. 5 million4 confess they have been pressured by a boyfriend or girlfriend to send a text with a naked photo. And an alarming 60%5 of kids who say they have been bullied electronically have never told their parents about the incident.