Gjensidige Forsikring: The Brick

McCann Direkte MRM Partners


Category: Insurance
Country where program ran: Norway
Date program started/ended: 4th January 2009

Product Description: An insurance package, specially made for small retail businesses like shops, restaurants and storages.

Advertiser/Client Name: Gjensidige Forsikring
Media Channels: Direct Mail
Website: http://www.award-entries.com/echo/2009/gjensidige/brick/


Marketplace Challenge:

Gjensidige Insurance, which is one of the largest insurance companies in Norway, aimed to increase their number of business customers. 30% of their existing customers have more than three insurance products. These customers represent more than 60% of premium profit. Customers having one insurance amount to 40% of the customer portfolio. These companies are often run by its owner and a few emplyees, and they are more interested in selling their products, than to think about what kind of insurances they schould have. Products like burglary insurace is common knowlegde, however this do not cover up for willful damage and plundering. Their knowledge about pension and helth insurance is also low. Therefore, Gjensidige Insurance made a package containing usefull insurances to this target group. Both this kind of businesses are too small to be handled by an advisor, and it is easy to buy somthing ready made for their type of businesses.