ING Financial Services – Do You Know Your Number?

Category: Financial Services
Brand/Client: ING Financial Services
Primary Agency: BBDO Atlanta
Media Agency: Media Agency
Contributing Agencies: Contributing Agencies


In a category that contains brands with hundred+ year heritages, ING is a relatively new kid on the block. While we have done a good job of building awareness of the name (as high as 80%), many people still don't have a clear idea of who ING is, what ING is, or what to do with ING.

This is compounded by the fact that we're entering a noisy category where our closest competitors have spent over $800MM last year alone. Our budget yielded only a 2.5% share of voice.

Not only do we need consumers to know us, we have other important constituencies. We are not a direct-to-consumer company, so there are no “boots on the ground.” We rely on independent financial planners, large brokerage houses (like Merrill Lynch) and retirement plan sponsors to sell our products.