The Upfront – Behind

Julie Roehm
Jeep, Dodge, & Chrysler Daimler Chrysler

Each year the earth and the sun conspire to bring us the celebrated season of spring. This time of year is universally appreciated as a time for growth and change and the promise of new things to come . . . for everyone except marketers. For marketers springtime means the “upfront” . . . and yet another year of seemingly endless presentations and negotiations for a commodity of which no one really knows the value and sheer frustration about the process itself.

This business model is not working. As we absorb the changes in the marketplace, one trend is clear. Consumers are engaging in alternative forms of receiving information. The system is not being driven by client needs; technology is driving this digital and interactive world.

I have been on record for some time about my own dissatisfaction with this process and recently I coauthored an article outlining an idea for a solution with Jeff Bell, Vice President, Chrysler & Jeep, Chrysler Group. These ideas, counter-arguments, and thoughts for the future of the medium are the topic of this article.