TV marketing: an integrated campaign

Sheena Horgan, Eulogy!, descibes the launch by Interfocus of a pay-per-view service on digital TV

'THE UNDISPUTED headline topic of media conversation this year has been the digital debate: are we ready for the digital revolution? The business aspect of this topic is phenomenal in terms of reach, opportunity and costs,' says Matthew Hooper, managing director of Interfocus, the agency behind the successful launch of u>directfilms - the UK's first independent pay-per-view film service.

'But,' he contends, 'it is consumer considerations that prove to be an altogether different challenge to marketers: how do you convince consumers to embrace your brand over and above the litany of rival brands - both within and outside your sector: for example, just as Coke competes with tea and coffee, digital TV competes with cinema and video. So how do you convey your message amid the clutter of the consumer media spectrum? Then, having built a brand that the consumer can trust and associate with, how do you maximise return on investment, ensuring that registration and usage targets are not only met but exceeded?'

The digital marketplace