Hey, this stuff actually works?

Brendan Ryan
4A's Chairman & CEO, FCB

Before this meeting, I took the time to read through the different speeches given by past AAAA Chairmen. I saw that, for the most part, they all tended to focus on one significant issue. Pat McGrath (AAAA Chairman 1998–1999) talked about “the value of client/agency relationships.” He indicated that our “first priority as an industry should be to rebuild the strong partnership relationships we once had with America's marketers.”

Pat was followed by Shelly Lazarus (AAAA Chairman 1999–2000), who talked about “changing tires on the Autobahn and other management challenges.” She stressed how our business is rapidly changing on every front and how we don't get a timeout to make those changes.

Phil Dusenberry (AAAA Chairman 2000–2001), my immediate predecessor, focused on the shortage of talent we're experiencing as an industry and “the need to raise our standards creatively, making creativity a much more central focus of what the AAAA is all about, and restoring excitement to our industry.”